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Seven Hills Bloodstock (Mares) Ltd


The aim is to capitalise on the local and international demand for high quality European bloodstock in the flat-racing sector, fueled both by the established racing entities including Hong Kong and by investors in nascent racing nations, such as China and Qatar. Crucially, these nations do not breed their own stock so are dependent on acquiring stock from countries with an established breeding sector.

The company buys mares where we believe there is the opportunity both to produce high value offspring and develop the value of the mare. We develop mating plans based as much on the physical conformation of the mare and its likely suitability for a particular stallion as the commercial popularity of a given stallion at any point in time.

The offspring will be sold, either as foals or yearlings. Again, the intention is to establish the brand as a producer of high quality racehorses and build a long- term business, a ‘virtual’ stud farm. This will not preclude the selling on of mares where we have enhanced their value and where it is in the interests of our investors.

The depth of our research often means we will be looking beyond the obvious to identify patterns and opportunities potentially overlooked by others.

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