Seven Hills Bloodstock


We believe bloodstock to be a viable and attractive ‘alternative’ asset class. It can have an appeal to the serious investor, seeking an attractive asset class to complement an existing and diversified portfolio. It can also appeal to the smaller investor, someone perhaps whose profile fits the mould of the typical ‘crowdfunder’, looking to take a higher than average investment risk to small stakes.

Although undoubtedly at the higher end of the risk/reward spectrum in comparison with other asset classes, all the usual principles of sound investment decision-making – experience and expertise, depth of research, quality of analysis, good stock selection, ability to spot market opportunities, risk mitigation and diversification – apply.

We apply all these market disciplines, being robust in our decision-making, having strong convictions, being clear about the value we ascribe to any potential purchase and taking emotion out of the equation.

It is our aim to make bloodstock investment more accessible and affordable. By taking advantage of the generous tax breaks afforded under EIS, we can tilt the risk/reward ratio towards the investor, reducing the downside risks without impacting the upside.

As much as anything else, we expect this form of investment to be provide a bit more fun and interest than other asset classes. As well as taking an interest in the bloodstock families in which we invest and how well siblings and other progeny perform in the sales ring and on the racetrack, investors are invited to the sales at which we purchase and sell and visit the stud farms where our horses are kept.

And finally, the business is committed to the highest standards of horse care and welfare. This will be reflected in the quality of the establishments, where they are boarded, the way they are prepared for sale and in the veterinary care and attention they receive.