Enterprise Incentive Scheme

All of our existing companies have received Advance Assurance from HMRC that shares qualify for the generous tax treatments afforded under the government’s Enterprise Incentive Scheme (EIS).

In short, qualifying investors are able to reclaim 30% of the value of their initial investment, as well as rolling over any capital gains liability. They are also able to offset any loss against income tax in the year the loss is realized.

The benefits, requirements and qualifying conditions are explained in more detail at www.eisa.org.uk and www.hmrc.gov.uk/eis.

Although the company will be cognisant of the fact that some or all investors will benefit from the EIS scheme, this will not affect the company’s approach to its trade or its risk tolerance. Our aim is to provide an attractive and positive return for shareholders before any ancillary financial advantage, such as that conferred by EIS, is taken into account.

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